I’m Ginny or Figs or Figmeant.

In 2010, I became a company: Figmeant.

Before that, a whole bunch of stuff happened:

// I lived in Antarctica (and made a website about it) //
// I fell in love with Swedish children’s clothing and became a brand ambassador for Polarn O. Pyret //
// I taught HTML at the University of Colorado at Boulder //
// I bought a sewing machine //
// I had a Sweden-born daughter (and made a blog about it) //
// And then I had a Portland-born son (and continued to blog about it) //
// I started canning and pickling things //
// I ran the fastest 400m in Ridgewood High School history //
// I was R2D2 for Halloween in the second grade //
// I learned Swedish. And the word “lagom.” //

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